We clean the seas to save marine animals and at the same time we give
our partners the chance to contribute to marine protection,
while the fishing nets will be regenerated into brand new nylon and brand-new products.


The actions we take against waste fishing nets are:


Recovering fishing nets

As part of our projects, divers recover ghost nets often found on reefs and shipwrecks which are highly important places for marine biodiversity.


Preventing marine litter

We collaborate with fishermen, fish farms, local communities and other stakeholders to prevent waste nets from ending up in the sea. Together we work on measures to dispose nets in responsible yet affordable ways.


Raising awareness

We work on raising public awareness of the environmental damage caused by ghost fishing gear and promote the ecological and economic importance of healthy seas.

We work in regions important for biodiversity and tourism, seas that are heavily fished and at the same time
hold many shipwrecks or other objects where waste fishing nets tend to accumulate.

We currently work in the following regions:

North Sea

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Adriatic Sea

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Mediterranean Sea

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Offering valuable nature and biodiversity, these regions are visited by millions of tourists each year. These areas are also heavily fished and hold many shipwrecks where waste fishing nets tend to accumulate. We chose these pilot regions also because they represent the geographical and ecological conditions of other parts in the European seas and we can gain vital experience for future projects.

Our results make a sea difference

Since 2013, the Healthy Seas initiative has recovered 453 tons of fishing nets – equal to the weight of 3 blue whales.

This really means that by removing the fishing nets from the seas we:

  1. Prevent thousands of marine animals and birds from becoming trapped
  2. Make their regeneration into ECONYL® possible

By regenerating fishing nets recovered, enough ECONYL® yarn has been produced to make:

  1. More than 350,000 m2 of brand-new carpet
  2. More than 9 million pairs of brand-new socks

You have the power to help clean the seas and save our marine wildlife.