Swedish Stockings, a sustainable hosiery brand, joins Healthy Seas

27 June 2019

Swedish Stockings approached us because they wanted to support our environmental work by donating 1% of sales from their Elin hosiery to Healthy Seas. They claim to be the only sustainable hosiery brand in the world. One visit to their website and you will find out that its founders, Linn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg, are outspoken about the role of fashion as the 2nd most pollutant industry. Their mission is to change and influence the entire hosiery industry.

Besides using ECONYL® and other yarns from recycled resources in the production of their hosiery, Swedish Stockings also runs a recycling programme of their own. For every 3 pairs of old stockings you send them, they offer a 10% discount on their products.

“We wanted to support Healthy Seas to raise awareness about the problems of waste we are facing in our oceans, but also to show people that it is not all problematic, there are solutions! Healthy Seas represents the logistical solution of taking out waste from our oceans, while we at Swedish Stockings represent the tangible solution of using that waste to create something new. Together we can all make a difference!”

To read more about their mission and browse through their products visit: https://swedishstockings.com

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