Reusable shopping bag brand, The Other Bag, joins Healthy Seas

23 May 2019

We are excited to welcome The Other Bag to our list of partners. By donating 1% of their profits from every sale, The Other Bag will be helping us do more work to protect the seas from derelict fishing gear.

Claire Davey, co-founder of the brand, explains their motivation for joining Healthy Seas and why it is important to them to protect the ocean:

When launching The OTHER Bag ethical production and sustainable design was at the very core of our brand vision. We are lucky enough to live with the ocean on our doorstep, at Bondi Beach, Australia. We see first hand what pollution in the ocean can do to marine life and our environment. We searched for partners who reflect our vision and we found them in our fabric partner ECONYL®. Their fishing nets and waste to fabric story resonated with us. But, we were curious as to how the fishing nets came to be retrieved. We found Healthy Seas, and have been so inspired by images and videos of their recovery missions we wanted to support them in their task of collecting ghost nets that can be serious hazards to marine life.

The ocean’s role in the stability of the global climate is clearer than ever. Scientists report that it is responsible for every other breath we take. The ocean delivers 97% of the world’s water and, it plays a vital role in reducing the impact of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. Protecting the ocean’s marine life from plastic pollution, climate change and overfishing means maintaining its beauty and vital functions for future generations. Ultimately our survival depends on healthy seas.

Check out the array of colorful and sustainable shopping bags by visiting their website:

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