Our education programme with Herpetofauna is inspiring children to act

29 November 2019

In the last month, together with our long-standing partner, the Herpetofauna Foundation, we kicked-off 2 school programmes in Belgium and the Netherlands.

During our first visit to the schools, we made presentations and played interactive games to educate the children about plastic pollution, ghost nets and the threats that they present for many animals. The students of BroeBELschool and Kndcentrum Platijn want to put their new-found knowledge to good use and make a difference for the magnificent sea turtles. That is why they are hosting info markets on December 3rd and December 10th and inviting their parents, caretakers and other interested parties to raise awareness and funds to help their favorite animals.

Guests will have a chance to view a photo exhibition and come close to live reptiles, cared for by Herpetofauna. Volunteer divers who work with Healthy Seas to recover ghost nets from the seas will be there too with their equipment and share their experiences with the children.

Associated Weavers, a partner of Healthy Seas based in Belgium, will also join the info market on December 3rd and show how it is possible to turn ghost nets into beautiful carpets.

Funds raised during the info markets will be donated to Cahuita Turtle Rescue, a non-profit organisation protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica.


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