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Ghost fishing is a severe threat to the ecosystem of the North Sea with a significantly negative effect on over-exploited fish species. In addition, large amounts of lost or abandoned plummets and hooks cause lead deposits that contribute to the pollution of the North Sea.

As shipwrecks are very important for marine biodiversity, Healthy Seas started cleaning up waste nets from some of the wrecks in the Dutch, UK and Belgian North Sea. The recovered fishing nets are stored in a reception facility in Den Oever and Stellendam, in the  Netherlands.

You have the power to help clean the seas and save our marine wildlife.

The bad storms that hit the North Sea this winter had an impact not only on people living in the UK and the Netherlands but also on the environment and biodiversity. The North Sea, in general, is characterised by its strong currents and frequent storms, resulting in frequent gear loss. Hence, we were not surprised […]

Healthy Seas champions the three pillars of sustainability and strives to make a positive and long-lasting impact to the marine environment, through education and awareness-raising. Together with our partner the Herpetofauna Foundation, we visit schools in the Netherland and Belgium, to inspire the next generation of ocean rescuers. In January and February 2020, we carried […]

Healthy Seas has partnered with Letz Sushi, a sustainable sushi restaurant chain in Denmark. “At LETZ SUSHI we both live for and off the oceans. So for us clean and healthy oceans is the only right thing for the future! As a sushi chain we want to take responsibility for the effects of our industry […]

In the last month, together with our long-standing partner, the Herpetofauna Foundation, we kicked-off 2 school programmes in Belgium and the Netherlands. During our first visit to the schools, we made presentations and played interactive games to educate the children about plastic pollution, ghost nets and the threats that they present for many animals. The students […]

Dutch volunteers in the North Sea have been diving at shipwrecks recovering ghost gear for many years. In 2013, Ghost Fishing joined forces with Healthy Seas when we offered to take the fishing nets from the divers and turn them into something useful. This collaboration became a best practice example for circular economy, inspiring other marine […]

Thanks to heightened interest in the work of Healthy Seas, we are able to achieve more by increasing the frequency of our activities as well as expanding our geographic reach. This year, we are very happy to be working more closely with Ghost Fishing UK, to recover ghost fishing nets from various locations all over […]

On Thursday, April 4th, together with Herpetofauna Foundation, we visited the Floralaan Primary School in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Over 300 children and their parents came to see the educational programme which we organized to captivate their interest in ghost nets and our environmental work. The interactive event included diving equipment, fishing nets, sustainable products by […]

Besides our regular diving ghost net recovery missions and collaboration with fishermen to prevent nets from becoming ocean litter, our marine protection work also focuses on educating the younger generation about plastic pollution. On September 18th, together with Grondstofjutters, Herpetofauna Foundation and Tarkett, we welcomed the children from the Basisschool Meander in Tilburg who together […]