New sustainable brand, Kosmos, joins Healthy Seas

19 June 2019

We love to partner with small brands because we find that most of the time their founders are idealists who are very committed to protecting the environment. Plus we meet a lot of passionate people from all over the world who support our work and want to become part of the Healthy Seas story.

Such is the example of Kosmos, a startup brand that was launched very recently to transform the athleisure wear market with a striking, high-performance clothing range made from recycled fishing nets and post-consumer waste. By using ECONYL® in their fabrics, Kosmos creates beautiful clothing whilst having a positive impact on the environment of the oceans.

The natural world is integral to our wellbeing and water is the source of all life. It is heartbreaking to see the damage that is currently being caused to our oceans with coral reef bleaching and biodiversity loss amongst many of the issues. We believe that everything connects on this earth and we want to make ethical choices for a sustainable future. From our perspective, we feel a responsibility to lead by designing holistically and considering every part of the process, that includes taking environmental concerns into account every step of the way. We joined Healthy Seas because we believe that business should help to drive social change. The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world and we are here to change that through the way we manufacture our clothing, collaborating with and supporting such progressive environmental initiatives” said Melody Adams, founder of Kosmos.

Kosmos will be donating to Healthy Seas 1% from every purchase coming from its sustainable product line.

To browse through their collection, visit

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