New partnership with Ginger Ocean

20 February 2020

We are excited to welcome Ginger Ocean, a swimwear brand from Russia, to Healthy Seas!
Ginger Ocean focuses on more than just fashion trends. Their passion for the seas and oceans, desire for quality and environmental concerns – that’s what inspires the Ginger Ocean team. Their swimwear will attract attention, but at the same time will not deprive you of your individuality, plus they are about total comfort and practicality.

Ginger Ocean consciously doesn’t use prints in their collections, their aim is slow and sustainable fashion. Utilizing infinitely recyclable ECONYL® regenerated yarn, made from old fishing nets and other nylon waste, enables them to create new products without using new resources. The impeccable quality of the fabric and implementation allows Ginger Ocean swimwear to last for many years.

Tatiana Elfimova, Founder of the brand:

We wanted to support the Healthy Seas team because their work is difficult and very important. It’s possible to recycle nets only after finding them. Over 640,000 tons of fishing gear is lost or abandoned in the seas and oceans each year. This is an unbelievable figure. Reduction of this number is possible and it inspires us. We imagine how many sea animals and birds die because of lost fishing nets. This problem is solved with the help of divers and volunteers of Healthy Seas.”

To browse through their collection please visit their websites and

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