Men’s designer swimwear, Everest Isles, joins Healthy Seas

26 June 2019

We are very excited about our partnership with EVEREST ISLES, a men’s swimwear brand based in New York City whose name paints a picture we don’t want to see happen.  Everest Isles refers to the disastrous reality we’re facing if we don’t do anything about the mess we made for ourselves: the Earth’s surface covered in water, with only the peaks of the Himalayas emerging from the blue. By implementing sustainable practices into their production, working with regenerated textiles and manufacturing products to last, the brand is working hard to prevent their brand name from happening.

By using fabrics made of ECONYL® yarn and donating 1% of the sales to our environmental initiative, the co-founder, Jeffrey Hladky, hopes to have an impact in the protection of the world’s oceans:

“After spending years in the Merchant Marines, I witnessed first hand the devastation that plastics, and specifically fishing nest can have on ocean life. I do not want to tie my company to one of the many ocean charities out there, just for the publicity or marketing aspects. I want to be involved with organizations that are having a direct and positive impact on our oceans. With Healthy Seas, they are having this impact, and at the same time allowing me to trace my product from the ocean, through the regeneration process, and all the way to a finished garment.”

To browse through their products, visit

Healthy Seas is an open initiative which is developed using the learning-by-doing approach. We are open to creative ideas and new partners!

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