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Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2019
Healthy Seas was presented with the Circular Economy Award during Milan Fashion Week
Healthy Seas: a Journey from Waste to Wear
True beauty is never shallow. It has depths like the ocean.
Wreck Dive Team Zeester (August 31st, 2019)
Another successful diving project by our partner in the North Sea, who recovered 160 kilos of lost fishing nets from the wreck of Erns von Briesser.
Ghost Fishing Greece (Alepochori / July 6th, 2019)
150 kgs of ghost nets removed from wreck lying at 35 meters
Recap Video Aeolian Islands World Oceans Day Mission (June 3-8, 2019)
6-day mission which resulted in cleaning up 5 tons of ghost nets from the sea surrounding the Aeolian Islands
Children in Lipari make a wish for a sustainable tomorrow
Snapshots and interviews of the children who took part in our education programme
#LessGhostnetsMoreSeahorses Recap (May 18-20, 2019)
On 18th – 20th May 2019, for the second year in succession, Healthy Seas returned to Stratoni, a small fishing town in Northern Greece, to finish cleaning up a spot inhabited by rich marine biodiversity
Healthy Seas x ENALEIA: Prevention
We have joined forces with ENALEIA to prevent fishing nets from ending up in the sea.
Ghost Fishing UK Kick off trip -March 2019, Eyemouth
Eleven volunteer divers removed a huge mass of ghost gear from the sea bottom.
Diving Team Zeester
2018 North Sea Compilation
"Less ghost nets. More seahorses." Part I
Over 1 ton of ghost nets removed from unique seahorse colony in Greece
Epic Ghost Net Removal Mission (Aeolian Islands - October 6-8, 2018)
Team of 6 Dutch and Italian volunteer divers recovered over 4 tons (4000 kgs) of ghost nets
Katwijk Beach Cleanup (Sept 18, 2018)
Together with Grondstofjutters, Herpetofauna Foundation and Tarkett, we welcomed the children from the Basisschool Meander in Tilburg
Ghost Fishing Greece - September 16th, 2018 - Fournoi
Lucky lobster released
Diving trip at the North Sea, August 4th 2018
With our partner Tarkett
Santorini Mission- Detailed Underwater Encounter
Ghost Fishing divers in action!
Healthy Seas is Vestas 11th Hour Racing Final Grantee
Sailors of the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race took time before heading home to learn about ghost gear and the circular economy
Recap- Santorini Ghost Net Removal Mission
June 8th, 2018 / Backstage / Interview with Pierre-Yves Cousteau / Underwater Footage
World Oceans Day - Santorini - Live Stream
Pierre-Yves Cousteau describes ghost net removal mission from beneath the waves
Healthy Seas: Save Your Breath
Tune in to the live stream on June 8th!
Ghost Fishing divers kicked off North Sea season 2018
North Sea, The Netherlands, 31 March 2018
Release of Atlantic Cods from lost fishing gear
North Sea, The Netherlands, 31 March 2018
First transport of fishing nets in 2018
In February about 12 tons of waste fishing nets were transported to recycling from the Netherlands
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We thank all volunteers, partners and donators who supported our work in 2017
Korinthian Gulf clean-up mission, Greece, November 2017
Our latest diving trip in Greece shows perfectly the problem of ghost fishing
Sky News Special Report, OurOcean conference, Malta, October 2017
Healthy Seas and its partners removed over 2 tonnes of marine litter in Malta
Ghost net removal mission in Malta, October 2017
Side event at the ‘Our Ocean’ conference
Video message by EU Commissioner Vella in support of Healthy Seas
Karmenu Vella - European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and Healthy Seas ambassador
Surprise donation from Bracenet to Healthy Seas
Bracenet – Save the Seas. Wear a Net
School programme primary school De Bloemaert 2017
Ghost net removal mission Salamina island, Greece, September 2017
Diving trip with Healthy Seas partner Milliken in the UK, August 2017
The ghost nets collected by the divers will become new carpets.
Ghost net removal action in Plymouth, UK, August 2017
Ghost Fishing: Save the lobster!, the Netherlands, July 2017
Korinthian Gulf clean-up mission, Greece, July 2017
Ghost Fishing Greece clean-up action at Lichadonisia islets, July 2017
Kick off school project primary school Bloemaert 2017
Loading of fishnets in Greece, February 2017
Lost fishing gear removal Italy 2017
Duikvaker Diving Expo in the Netherlands 2017
Healthy Seas Intro 2016 clean-up missions in Greece
Healthy Seas Dec 2016 clean-up mission in Patroklos, Greece
Healthy Seas Nov 2016 clean-up mission in Patroklos, Greece
BRACENET - Save the seas. Wear a net
Healthy Seas Fashion Project Competition 2016
Healthy Seas Fashion Project Competition - Promo Video
Healthy Seas Fashion Project Competition - Teaser Video
Healthy Seas April 2016 clean-up mission in Evia, Greece
Healthy Seas April 2016 clean-up mission in Makronisos, Greece
Ghost Fishing: Ghost nets for breakfast 2016
Curious how an early morning dive at the North Sea looks like?
Healthy Seas: Cleanup Rode Poon wreck 2016
Take a look at the diving procedures of Ghost Fishing
School project primary school Meander 2016
Loading of waste fishing nets in Greece 2016
Over 10 tons of used fishnets collected by Greek fishermen were sent to recycling in Jan 2016
Lost fishing gear survey & removal Malta 2016
Earthrise - Fish Net Fashion
An episode of Earthrise/AlJazeera
Fishing net recovery 2015
Healthy Seas - results 2015
Shipment of waste fishing nets from Italy 2015
15 tons of waste nets were shipped for recycling from Italy in Dec 2015
Healthy Seas: Ghost net removal at the North Sea 2015
In cooperation with divers and a salvage company
Fishing net recovery 2014
Healthy Seas - results 2014
Healthy Seas - a Journey from Waste to Wear