Europe’s most sustainable sushi brand, supports Healthy Seas

16 December 2019

Healthy Seas has partnered with Letz Sushi, a sustainable sushi restaurant chain in Denmark.

“At LETZ SUSHI we both live for and off the oceans. So for us clean and healthy oceans is the only right thing for the future! As a sushi chain we want to take responsibility for the effects of our industry and be part of the solution rather than the problem. That’s why we only serve certified sustainable seafood and consider the environment in everything that we do! Being Europe’s most sustainable sushi chain requires hard work and strong partnerships that help us challenge the status quo and lift the bar for what’s possible.”~ Titte Cecilie Kuhlmann, Head of Marketing & Brand

Through our partnership, Letz Sushi helps us to recover 100 grams of ghost nets from the waters of the North Sea for every water carton, bottle or carafe they sell at all their restaurants.

Find out more about Letz Sushi’s partnerships here

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