Action against waste fishing nets


Recovering fishnets

As part of our pilot projects, divers recover ghost nets from the North Sea, Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. These nets are often found on reefs and shipwrecks which are highly important places for marine biodiversity.


Preventing marine litter

We collaborate with fishermen, fish farms, local communities and other stakeholders to prevent waste nets from ending up in the sea. Together we work on measures to dispose of nets in a responsible yet affordable way.


Raising awareness

We work on raising public awareness of the environmental damage caused by ghost fishing gear and promote the ecological and economic importance of healthy seas.

We have started our work in three pilot regions:

North Sea


Adriatic Sea


Mediterranean Sea


Offering valuable nature and biodiversity, these regions are visited by millions of tourists each year. These areas are also heavily fished and hold many shipwrecks where waste fishing nets tend to accumulate. We chose these pilot regions also because they represent the geographical and ecological conditions of other parts in the European seas and we can gain vital experience for future projects.

Our results are making a sea of difference

Since the start of Healthy Seas in 2013 we have removed more than 311 tons of abandoned nets. If this doesn’t sound like a lot, how does this sound: We have protected the lives of thousands of marine animals that were at risk of getting entangled and killed.
See what we have achieved so far. Read about the results of our initiative and our future goals.

31 Jan 2017 Events

On Wednesday 25th January, around 120 children and parents from the Annie M.G. Schmidtschool and day-care centre 2Samen participated in our Healthy Seas beach clean-up in the Netherlands. They bravely faced the cold for more than an hour, collecting over 330 kilograms of litter from the North Sea coast at Scheveningen. Upon return they weighed […]

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