Shapes in the Sand supports Healthy Seas with 1% of sales

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12 April 2018

We are happy to welcome on board our new partner Shapes in the Sand  from Australia, an eco-conscious brand committed to helping the environment and using the regenerated ECONYL® yarn. The fishnets collected by Healthy Seas are brought into the ECONYL® regeneration system, in which they are transformed into new, high-quality nylon yarn.

Shapes in the Sand  is an Australian swimwear lifestyle brand. An Eco conscious swimwear label born out of a life long infatuation with nature and a heart yearning to help restore the environment. Shapes in the Sand  is the embodiment of a love for the natural world.

Alexandra Dash, Founder of Shapes in the Sand  shared some interesting insights with us:

“Caring for the environment is the driving force behind us. Each collection is designed and produced in the most environmentally friendly way we can. Our main focus is to not only promote the protection and importance of our natural world but to also establish an honest, ethical label that is running in the most sustainable way possible.

Our soft, regenerated fabrics made using ECONYL® yarn and distinctive, energetic prints are all part of the labels identity. Through specially designed projects with not for profit organisations and individuals our aim is to help create positive change for the environment and it’s inhabitants. Projects include helping fund organised beach clean ups for our oceans as well as care facilities for Australian native wildlife, our focus is to also raise as much awareness as possible for these organisations.

Shapes in the Sand  swimwear is designed with our nature girl in mind. An authentic soul who embraces the natural world with open arms.”

She also emphasized why marine protection is important to her and why she decided to join Healthy Seas:

“We are all connected to the ocean, it’s the planets life support system. The ocean is home to some of the most unique marine life. I am always in awe of it’s beauty and greatness. It’s a wonderland full of colour and life and we are so lucky to be able to observe such diversity. Without marine protection our marine life will most certainly face extinction.

Keeping our oceans healthy is vital to help reduce the impacts of climate change and conserve it’s inhabitants. It is important that we look after what we are already a part of our future and theirs. Through the Healthy Seas Initiative, we are able to give back and help keep our oceans clean in an innovative and effective way.”

Check out their beautiful sustainable swimwear and support us!

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