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Healthy Seas: Save your breath – Underwater Livestream from Santorini

On June 8th, join Healthy Seas, Cousteau Divers and Carvico for a journey from waste to wear as we celebrate World Oceans Day on the beautiful island of Santorini, in Greece!

The Event

On June 8th, World Oceans Day, together with diving partners Ghost Fishing and Atlantis Dive Center, we will be removing a huge ghost net from the depths of the Aegean Sea. During recent survey dives, lost or discarded fishing nets and long-lines were spotted in several popular fishing and diving spots around Santorini. With the help of local fishermen, the lost fishing gear will be safely recovered from the areas. Pierre-Yves will be narrating the diving mission in live stream from beneath the waves and answering your questions. Ask him what you want to know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #SaveYourBreath. To this day, there is no record of live streaming done in the diving world for educational purposes. Our goal is to inspire and educate the public, especially children, and that is why we invite everyone to tune in to the Facebook event.



Ghost Fishing: Lost fishing gear survey @ Santorini, Greece from Ghost Fishing on Vimeo. The fishnets collected will first be cleaned, sorted and afterwards delivered to Aquafil’s plant in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where they are prepared for the ECONYL® regeneration system. Fishing nets, together with other waste materials will be transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon for new textiles products. Brand new products are then produced, such as swimwear, carpets, socks and more!


June 7th: Students from the Primary School of Oia have been invited to come and meet us by the harbor as we set off on this adventure! The diving team will be ready to share its experiences and hear the kids’ ideas on how they plan to protect the marine environment. Our team with conduct 2 dives on this day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. June 8th: World Oceans Day is finally here! Our team will be diving to remove a huge ghost net from the sea. Pierre-Yves will be wearing a full face mask to talk us through this big and dangerous operation!


MARINE PROTECTED AREA (MPA) After several years of discussions and consensus building with the local stakeholders, the professional fishermen of Santorini gave their unanimous approval for the creation of the first marine protected area on March 15th 2014. A well-managed, well-sized, well-protected marine sanctuary will have a positive impact on the marine environment while also generating substantial economic benefits for the island of Santorini, extending the touristic season beyond the summer months and creating jobs, in addition to helping fish stocks replenish to ensure the livelihoods of fishing communities. Cousteau Divers initiated and supervises the Santorini MPA project since 2011, working with the HCMR (Hellenic Center for Marine Research) to baseline the ecosystems of Santorini and with Submon to create a management plan for the area, with a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. On June 8th, our divers will be performing the first ever lost or abandoned fishing gear clean up action at the location which will become the MPA, helping to raise awareness and contributing to a swift and well-placed designation.

What Can You Do?


Before June 8th: Follow us on social media and share the event with your friends and community!

On June 8th @ 11am: Tune in to our live stream on Facebook and Save your breath!

Join our Journey  - We would be proud to have you on board!