We currently work in the following regions:

The Adriatic Sea with its delicate reefs and plentiful wrecks provides habitat to many marine species and poses a particular challenge to our clean-up activities.

In cooperation with our partner DeFishGear, our diving team cleans up derelict fishing gear from reefs and selected wrecks in Croatia and Italy. Furthermore we established a waste fishing net reception facility in the port of Ancona. Here the fisherman communities from the ports of Ancona, Cattolica and Molfetta in Italy store their waste fishing nets.

As part of the Adriatic Sea pilot, we will increase our cooperation with fishermen communities across Italy, Slovenia and Croatia to raise awareness and collect their waste fishing nets. Also, we are identifying other suitable locations for clean-up actions in the Adriatic region.

2015 results2_A4
16 Feb 2016 News

Last year’s results are published and they look very encouraging! We created many new and valuable partnerships, which helped us collecting much higher numbers of nets, raising more awareness and bringing a larger range of recycled products to the market. A huge thank you to all of our partners and supporters who made this possible! […]

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19 May 2015 Blog, News, Video

The first time we talked with people of Earthrise team and explained them what the Healthy Seas initiative is, they were overwhelmed by the amount of information, names, subjects involved and activities going on behind this project, but they loved it. It took time to discover every piece of this journey from marine waste to […]

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29 Apr 2015 Blog, Events, News, Press

It is not common to see a red scorpionfish in the shallow waters of the Adriatic Sea, but there he was struggling to be saved from the fishing net where he was trapped. This adventure started long before the meeting with our Scorpion fish friend. It started nearly 2 years ago when  Healthy Seas was in […]

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