New partner Kaira Active joins forces with Healthy Seas

28 June 2018

A warm welcome to our new partner Kaira Active, which now also joins our fight against deadly ghost nets and donates to Healthy Seas 1% after every purchase.

Kaira Active was created with the idea that clothing should not hold you back. Their anti-microbial, quick-wicking fabric is ideal for a multitude of activities such as surfing, hot yoga, hiking, and traveling.

“We joined Healthy Seas because we wanted to support the organization that makes Kaira Active possible. Our fabric is made from ECONYL® yarn which also includes the abandoned fish nets collected by volunteer divers thanks to the Healthy Seas initiative! Kaira Active was founded with two missions, to provide sustainably made, multifunctional, high quality activewear and to support organizations that protect the ocean. We are so happy to partner with Healthy Seas since it allows us to do both.” said Hannah Tomita, Creative Director of Kaira Active.

“I grew up surfing and always being around the beach in Hawaii and have been so humbled by the strength and beauty of the ocean. The ocean is where I find peace, adventure, and inspiration, I can’t image a world where someone would avoid the ocean because it’s dirty or filled with trash. Unfortunately, this is the case in some parts of the world and the ocean plastic problem is getting larger each day. With Kaira Active I want to provide a sustainable alternative for activewear and inspire people to go out and explore the outdoors and the ocean. I’m sure that will lead to people caring more and taking active steps to cleaning the ocean and reducing single use plastics.”

The fishnets collected by Healthy Seas divers and fishermen are brought into the ECONYL® regeneration system, in which they are transformed into new, high-quality yarn. Healthy Seas is an open initiative which developed learning-by-doing. We are open to creative ideas and new partners.

Learn more about Kaira Active on Instagram or at their website (coming soon)!

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