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Sky News Special Report, OurOcean conference, Malta, October 2017
Healthy Seas and its partners removed over 2 tonnes of marine litter in Malta
Ghost net removal mission Salamina island, Greece, September 2017
Diving trip with Healthy Seas partner Milliken in the UK, August 2017
The ghost nets collected by the divers will become new carpets.
Ghost net removal action in Plymouth, UK, August 2017
Ghost Fishing: Save the lobster!, the Netherlands, July 2017
Korinthian Gulf clean-up mission, Greece, July 2017
Ghost Fishing Greece clean-up action at Lichadonisia islets, July 2017
Kick off school project primary school Bloemaert 2017
Loading of fishnets in Greece, February 2017
Lost fishing gear removal Italy 2017
Duikvaker Diving Expo in the Netherlands 2017
Video message by Commissioner Vella
Healthy Seas Intro 2016 clean-up missions in Greece
Healthy Seas Dec 2016 clean-up mission in Patroklos, Greece
Healthy Seas Nov 2016 clean-up mission in Patroklos, Greece
Healthy Seas Fashion Project 2016
Healthy Seas April 2016 clean-up mission in Evia, Greece
Healthy Seas April 2016 clean-up mission in Makronisos, Greece
Ghost Fishing: Ghost nets for breakfast 2016
Curious how an early morning dive at the North Sea looks like?
Healthy Seas: Cleanup Rode Poon wreck 2016
Take a look at the diving procedures of Ghost Fishing
Fishing net recovery 2015
Healthy Seas - results 2015
School project primary school Meander 2016
Lost fishing gear survey & removal Malta 2016
Earthrise - Fish Net Fashion
An episode of Earthrise/AlJazeera
Fishing net recovery 2014
Healthy Seas - results 2014
Healthy Seas - a journey from waste to wear