11 Mar 2014 News

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) exists to tackle animal cruelty across the globe. WSPA is currently developing a new international campaign to stop the entanglement of marine animals in ‘ghost’ fishing gear – nets, lines and traps that are abandoned, lost or discarded in our oceans. WSPA has set a campaign […]

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10 Mar 2014 News

Last week, Healthy Seas signed the partnership agreement with Generation Awake. Generation Awake is an awareness-raising campaign about resource efficiency. It is about using resources sustainably – doing more with less and minimising impacts on the environment – and about making the right choices to ensure a good quality of life, for generations to come. […]

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06 Mar 2014 Events

If we don’t have healthy seas and oceans, we won’t have productive ecosystems. There is enough knowledge and policy available. It’s time to take action! These were the key messages of the “Healthy Oceans – Productive Ecosystem” (HOPE) conference where the Healthy Seas Initiative was also represented. The conference was organized by the European Commission […]

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03 Mar 2014 News

The Healthy Seas new website has been launched today, March 3rd 2014. Almost a year ago Aquafil, the ECNC Group and Star Sock established the ‘Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’ initiative. The main objective of the Healthy Seas initiative is to remove waste, in particular fishing nets and other marine litter, from the seas for […]

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28 Feb 2014 Events

On 3-4 March 2014 the Healthy Oceans – Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) Conference takes place in Brussels. It will bring together all those working with or in relation to the European marine environment and will provide them with the opportunity to discuss progress made over the past 5 years, the problems that still remain and the solutions […]

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03 Feb 2014 Events

Healthy Seas is back from three busy days at the ISPO 2014 trade fair and exhibition in Munich, Germany. More than 80,000 visitors from 110 countries, went to see 2,565 exhibitors on 104,720 square meters of exhibit space. This was the first time we had the opportunity to participate, and it was such an exciting experience […]

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27 Jan 2014 Events

From January 26-29 the ISPO 2014 trade fair and exhibition takes place in Munich, Germany. This well-known international event is developed around sports and fitness brands. They state that this year, the world of sports continues to get more involved in social responsibility and sustainability projects. It is therefore that this year Healthy Seas is […]

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25 Jan 2014 News

The initial phase of Healthy Seas has focused mainly on activities in the North Sea pilot region and resulted in recovering 20 tons of fishing nets. In 2014, we are delighted to announce that the project will be extended to two other regional pilots in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea. The Adriatic Sea with its […]

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global underwater explorers
14 Jan 2014 News

In 2014 Healthy Seas is continuing the battle against ghost fishing nets and marine debris. The first step of our journey from waste to wear is to retrieve ghost fishing nets out of ocean waters. Recently the Los Angeles Underwater Explorers (LAUE) became our newest partner in that respect. LAUE is a non-profit organization dedicated […]

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06 Jan 2014 News

The initial phase of Healthy Seas has focused mainly on activities in the North Sea pilot region and resulted in recovering 20 tons of fishing nets. In 2014, Healthy Seas is still looking to cooperate with other ongoing initiatives. An example of such cooperation is Healthy Seas joining forces with the manufacturer of sustainable swimming […]

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28 Nov 2013 News

Marine litter has become a pervasive pollution problem that affects all of the world seas. Even without looking at the scientific facts and figures, we can easily grasp the negative impacts that marine debris, such as plastics and derelict fishing gear has on our oceans. Marine litter brings suffering to thousands of species of bird, fish […]

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