Cor-Kuyvenhoven-Noordzeekrabben in staandwandnet
13 Jul 2014 News

Sunday 13 July, another clean-up dive took place in the Dutch North Sea. One of the shipwrecks our Healthy Seas volunteer divers paid a visit to is the Chamber-pot wreck. The diving trip was fully sponsored by the Dutch ASN Bank, with the money that Healthy Seas won in the Sustainability Battle last year: Post by Healthy […]

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23 Jun 2014 News, Video

Healthy Seas partner – LAUE (Los Angeles Underwater Explorers) – carried out two successful diving sessions last week. The LAUE team is dedicated to the exploration and conservation of our planet’s underwater regions, and most of its activities take place in Southern California. The first cleanup team went down the Caissons in front of Long […]

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38 Reef
16 Jun 2014 News

Last year, an Healthy Seas dive-team undertook several clean-up dives on the Croatian shipwreck MS Argo, one of the most beautiful ships wreck in the Kvarner gulf. Because the divers could then not remove all nets from the wreck, they returned a year later to continue the good work. A report on their experiences for […]

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ET_23.06.2014_CSR_ReklamationLitho 16.05.14 aSM
18 Jun 2014 News, Press

The European retailer Kaufland will be the first partner to sell Healthy Seas socks. From the 23th of June onwards, the socks will be available in all Kaufland stores. The socks are unique and produced with regenerated yarn made from waste, such as fishing nets also recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative. The ECONYL® polyamide […]

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10 Jun 2014 News

Last Saturday 7 June our Belgian diving team the Ecoduikers performed their first clean-up diving trip in the North Sea. Their target shipwreck was the ‘Branlebas‘, a French class Destroyer, built in 1907 and hit by a German mine in 1915. There were two large trawl nets located on the wreck. Diving conditions were perfect […]

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02 Jun 2014 News

Last year, the Healthy Seas diving team Ghost Fishing undertook several clean-up dives to the Croatian shipwreck MS Argo. They stripped the bow of the wreck of heavy trawler nets and other lost fishing gear. Because the divers weren’t able to clean the full wreck it was decided to continue their removal efforts in 2014. […]

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29 Apr 2014 News

Saturday 26 April, the first Healthy Seas clean-up diving trip took place in the North Sea. The first shipwreck our professional volunteer divers visited, about 33 miles out in the open sea, was the ‘Chamber-pot wreck’. Because of the turbulent weather, resulting in big waves, five divers became seasick. Without them, the rest of the […]

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25 Apr 2014 News

This Saturday 26 April, the first clean-up diving trip of the year will take place in the Dutch North Sea. One of the activities of our Healthy Seas volunteer divers will be a visit to the ‘Pispottenwrak’, or Chamber-pot wreck, to recover its ghost fishing nets. As planned, divers will continue the battle against lost […]

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12 Mar 2014 News

Want to know how many fishing nets we recovered and where? Want to know our activities from last year? Here is a quick recap with our top results and activities in 2013. Hope you enjoy it!

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11 Mar 2014 News

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) exists to tackle animal cruelty across the globe. WSPA is currently developing a new international campaign to stop the entanglement of marine animals in ‘ghost’ fishing gear – nets, lines and traps that are abandoned, lost or discarded in our oceans. WSPA has set a campaign […]

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10 Mar 2014 News

Last week, Healthy Seas signed the partnership agreement with Generation Awake. Generation Awake is an awareness-raising campaign about resource efficiency. It is about using resources sustainably – doing more with less and minimising impacts on the environment – and about making the right choices to ensure a good quality of life, for generations to come. […]

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